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Do you love Handmade ? Do you Love Unique ? Do you Love Bags ? If you love to have a Handbag that no-one else will have, a Bag Handmade with care and attention to detail, made from Beautiful Fabrics by the worlds most respected Fabric Designers then welcome to Bewitched Bags

Each Bag, Wristlet, Key Fob or Wallet has been hand made and in most cases there is only one made per fabric collection per bag style / shape. Bewitched Bags made wonderful gifts for special Friends and Family, Gift Wrapping options are available for each Bewitched Bag.

Bewitched Bags are made on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland using Beautiful and High Quality Fabrics.


Bewitched Bags Information

HandMade Bags and Clutches made by Bewitched Bags are made from beautiful materials that have in most cases been imported to Australia from the USA, the fabrics are by the worlds most respected fabric designers.

Most fabrics are purchased in very small quantities of each type so there are normally only 4 to 5 pieces made per fabric type and its unusual for the same design to be produced more than once in the same design fabric and bag style

The fabrics chosen are usually decor weight materials which means they are strong and durable, also many marine grade materials are also used, when fabrics are quilting weight they are always strengthened with high quality woven cotton interfacing

If you see a bag on Bewitched Bags website that you like the style of and a material that you also like I may be able to make special order of your chosen bag style and material selection please contact me for custom bag making enquiries.

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Bewitched Bags are made in many styles from small shoulder bags to large shopping bags, practical totes to cute wristlets.

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Bewitched Bags are made in a vast collection of stunning fabrics from Floral to Retro, from Geoemtric to Oriental Inspired

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Hand Made Bags : Wonderful Unique Gifts

Each HandMade bag is unique so if you are looking for a gift for a friend who likes to have something a little different to everyone else then a Bewitched Bag is a perfect gift / present selection. Each Hand Made bag on the Bewitched Bags website has made made individually with care and attention to detail, we usually purchase enough fabric to make 4 or 5 unique items only so if you see a bag that you like buy it today as it wont be re-made or available again.

Handmade versus Mass Produced

When you purchase a mass produced handbag from a store they look great when you buy them but unless they are very expensive designer bags then they are normally manufactured in the cheapest, quickest method with lots of shortcuts being taken in the manufacturing process. Whereas the Handmade Bags available from Bewitched Bags are all individually made with great attention being paid to the manufacturing process, nothing is sewn in bulk or done in a a quick method, every part of the process is taken very slowly, also high quality sewing threads are used to make the bags. For many of the Handmade bags some of the fabric components are marine quality fabrics which means strong and durable, these are often combined with printed fabrics. Any printed fabrics that are quilting weight are given extra strength by being fused with woven cotton interfacing making the material strong and durable


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